The Port of Corpus Christi Authority is committed to supporting local community programs, initiatives, and activities that improve the quality of life in our regional community. We strive to increase understanding of Port operations through open communication with the local community. The Port has an interest in partnering with community groups to educate and inform the public about Port projects and programs as well as, sponsorships that focus on one of the Port’s Area of Impact:

Texas Water Code Section 60.201 indicates that districts in the State of Texas which operate ports or waterways and harbor and terminal facilities are in keen competition with other ports, waterways, harbors, and terminals outside the state and with privately owned port and terminal facilities inside the state. Well-situated and well-equipped ports and waterways in other nearby states and owners of substantial port and terminal facilities located inside and outside the state are advertising, promoting and developing their competing ports, waterways, harbors, and terminals through expenditure of large amounts of money without any audit or restriction on expenditure of the money. This activity or expenditure is thwarting and impeding the use, progress, and development of the ports, waterways, harbors, and terminals of this state. Continuation of this hardship and injustice can best be met and coped with by more liberal use of some relatively small fund set aside from the gross income from operations of the ports of this state to be used in the manner provided in this subchapter.
In accordance with Texas Water Code Section 60.201, the Port budgets part of its revenues to

To ensure the proper and effective use of community funding dollars, Port of Corpus Christi Commissioners have adopted this Promotion and Development Policy (externally referred to as Community Funding) on how funds can be spent.

Promotion & Development Funding Budget

Commissioners will set a Promotion & Development Funding budget at the start of each year, January 1 through December 31. The Port’s Community Relations Department manages this budget.

Two‐Yearly Call Periods for Applications

The Port accepts funding requests twice per year during the following call periods:

October 1 – 31 (Fall)

April 1 – 30 (Spring)

Application Procedures

Organizations seeking funding must submit an online request using the Port of Corpus Christi Sponsorship Request Application during the call for application periods (October 1 – 31 or April 1 – 30).

All applications will be reviewed by the Community Relations Department and considered by executive staff. Promotion & Development Funding requests in excess of $50,000 must be reviewed and approved by Port of Corpus Christi Commission or the Commission’s designee. Applications must be completed in full, with the required documentation before they will be considered by the Port.

Selection Criteria

The applicant must clearly demonstrate how Port funds will be used to:


Funding will not be awarded to:


Funding should be approved by the Community Relations Department and applicants should be notified of approval within 60 days of the application closing date.

Disbursement of Funding

Approved funding will be distributed two weeks prior to the date requested on application. Funds will only be payable to the sponsorship applicant.

Unforeseen Circumstances

The award of Promotion & Development Funding from the Port of Corpus Christi is limited by this Promotion & Development Policy. If, due to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances outside the reasonable control of the funding recipient (“unforeseen circumstance”), the funding recipient seeks to postpone or re‐imagine the funded event/program, the recipient must promptly notify the Community Relations Department to seek approval of such change.

Upon approval from the Community Relations Department, the recipient may retain previously issued Port funds to use for the postponed event, in which case the recipient cannot apply for a second Port sponsorship for the postponed event. To retain the funds, the recipient must notify the Community Relations Department of the new event date within 6 months of the original event date and the postponed event must occur within one year of the original event date. Recipients that fail to meet either of the aforementioned requirements, may be considered in violation of the Community Funding Procedures.

The Port may continue to fund events/programs that must be re‐imagined due to an unforeseen circumstance provided that the re‐imagined event still presents the opportunity for proper advertisement of the Port. To obtain approval of a re‐imagined event, the recipient must submit a written advertising and marketing plan that outlines the promotional benefits to the Port. The Community Relations Department will determine whether the Port’s advertising benefit from the re‐imagined event remains commensurate with the dollar amount of the original sponsorship award, or whether the sponsorship award must be reduced to align with the reduced advertising benefit.

Types of Sponsorships

Promotion & Development Funding may take a variety of forms including, but not limited, to:


Please contact the Community Relations Department with any questions about the Promotion & Development/Community Funding application and process at

General Cargo / Dry Bulk


Open Storage / Warehouse




Intercoastal Waterways


Liquid Bulk


Wind Energy


Cargo Docks


Dry bulk