Port of Corpus Christi’s Bulk Terminal can handle all logistics for dry bulk cargoes.

Strategically located on 200 acres with highway connectivity and direct access to rail and deep water, Bulk Terminal sits on the north side of the Inner Channel.

PCCA has a Liebherr LPS 550 rail-mounted crane with a maximum outreach of 48 meters, 144-ton max capacity. For loading and unloading dry bulk commodities directly to rail, truck or ground unloading rate may vary.

User Information and Port Charges

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Bulk Dock 1 currently maintains a Liebherr 550 with capability of loading and unloading dry bulk cargo vessels direct-to-rail, truck or ground. With dockside draft of 34 feet, Bulk Dock 1 can handle several cargo types such as coal, ores, aggregates, pig iron, coal and other dry bulk commodities.

Petroleum coke, sulfur and other dry bulk commodities can be easily loaded to vessels, trucks, or railcars at our Bulk Dock 2. Featuring a radial ship loader with a 45-foot-deep draft, and capable of loading a maximum rate of 1500 tph, Bulk Dock 2 is an optimal solution for moving products quickly to overseas markets.


Rail connectivity from the east to west ends of Bulk Terminal is connected to the PCCA rail system, allowing for rail access at all Bulk Terminal docks, capable of handling unit trains for transloading opportunities for dry bulk commodities throughout North America. Construction of a new rail storage yard in Bulk Terminal has been completed as of summer 2023.