Port of Corpus Christi requires anyone needing access to the railroad tracks to establish track safety and get approval prior to accessing the tracks. All employees, consultants, contractors and others that need to establish on track safety must complete this “Statement of On Track Safety” for each assignment.

Personnel On or About Tracks
Personnel whose duties require them to perform work on or about tracks must observe extreme caution when around tracks and rail mounted equipment, in addition to adhering to the following procedures, and completing the form below.

When working on or about (fouling) tracks:
-Ensure the appropriate protection is applied where required (i.e., Blue Flag Protection/Track Authority/Workers Protection).
-Be alert for and keep clear of the movement of railcars, locomotives, or equipment at any time, in either direction, on any track.
-Do not cross within 25 feet of the end of standing railcars, equipment, or locomotives, except when proper protection is provided.
-Wireless communications will not take place within 25 feet of the rail.

-Stand at least:

-Stop and look in both directions before making any of the following movements:

-Except for a track maintenance vendor(s) performing repairs, do not step, sit or rest your foot on any part of:

-Never take shelter under any car, equipment, or locomotive.

When requesting permission to occupy tracks, or working on or near the tracks with personal and/or equipment, or working within 25 feet of tracks, but not fouling the tracks:
-The following will take place:

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Dry bulk


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General Cargo / Dry Bulk


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