Press Release: Port of Corpus Christi Concludes La Quinta Property No Longer a Viable Option for Container Terminal Operations

Apr 05, 2017


CORPUS CHRISTI, TX, USA – Port of Corpus Christi officials today determined that a planned container facility at the La Quinta Trade Gateway is no longer a viable option due to its proximity to the North Shore residential community.  Container terminal operations typically involve heavy usage of trucks, high profile cranes, and on-dock rail operations. Port officials concluded that noise and light from such operations would likely have a potentially negative impact on the adjoining residential areas.   As such, port officials are removing the container terminal concept from the La Quinta Trade Gateway master plan.

The La Quinta Trade Gateway at Port Corpus Christi is approximately 1,300 acres located on the La Quinta Ship Channel.  Development of the facility was originally envisioned to include a state-of-the-art multipurpose dock and container facility in addition to providing industrial space for such tenants as voestalpine Texas, and the Gulf Cotton Compress.

 “The Port of Corpus Christi is committed to responsible growth”, said Charles W. Zahn, Jr., Port of Corpus Christi Commission Chairman.  “Potential effects from increased traffic and industrial noise from a container operation at La Quinta Trade Gateway is not compatible with our values in supporting the quality of life in the adjoining communities.  We are committed to the La Quinta Trade Gateway development, and continue to explore other low impact uses for the facility.”

La Quinta Trade Gateway comprises the 47-foot (MLLW) deep La Quinta Ship Channel with direct access to approximately 1,300 acres of Port owned property.  La Quinta Ship Channel provides access for mini cape size dry bulk vessels to serve voestalpine’s dry bulk cargo dock that was completed in 2016 and LNG tankers to serve the Corpus Christi Liquefaction project that is currently under construction and expected to be in commercial operation by 2019.

La Quinta property at Port Corpus Christi - aerial

La Quinta Trade Gateway at Port Corpus Christi is approximately 1,300 acres located on the La Quinta Ship Channel

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