Port of Corpus Christi Returns to Normal Readiness Post-Tropical Storm Beta

Sep 22, 2020


Corpus Christi, TX, USA – The Port of Corpus Christi has returned its Hurricane Readiness Status to Port Condition 5 (normal seasonal readiness), in accordance with its 2020 Hurricane Readiness Plan and the passing of Tropical Storm Beta. The Port Authority continues to monitor the tropics for any potential storm threats that may form during the remainder of hurricane season.

Hurricane Condition 5 means the Port of Corpus Christi will return to its normal state of seasonal readiness. The Port’s Incident Management Team will be deactivated, and the Emergency Operations Center will return to its base Level IV.

The U.S. Coast Guard Captain of Sector Port Corpus Christi (CoTP) has also rescinded Port Condition Zulu from the Intracoastal Waterway intersection of the Corpus Christi Ship Channel south to the U.S. Mexico border, effective at 6:00 a.m. on Tuesday, September 22, 2020. In addition, there are no vessel draft or time of day restrictions in the Corpus Christi Ship Channel and La Quinta Channel.

Waterways in the CoTP Corpus Christi Zone north of Port Aransas to the Colorado Locks remain in Port Condition Zulu. Mariners are advised to use extreme caution when transiting waterways in South Texas because debris and hazards from Tropical Storm Beta may be present. No injuries, accidents, or environmental incidents were reported at the Port of Corpus Christi during this event.

“We are pleased to return to a normal state of readiness in line with our commitment to a safe and fluid gateway for our customers, stakeholders and the surrounding communities we serve,” said Sean Strawbridge, Chief Executive Officer for the Port of Corpus Christi. “While 2020 has been a particularly active hurricane season, the Port of Corpus Christi continues to increase its resiliency and is experiencing record tonnage even during these extraordinary times. A hearty thank you to all our employees, customers, and local, state and federal agency partners for protecting both lives and livelihoods in Texas and the Nation.”

For storm updates and the latest weather advisories, please visit https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/.


About Port Corpus Christi

As a leader in U.S. Crude Oil export ports and a major economic engine of Texas and the nation, Port Corpus Christi is the 3rd largest port in the United States in total revenue tonnage. Strategically located on the western Gulf of Mexico with a 36-mile, soon to be 54-foot (MLLW) deep channel, Port Corpus Christi is a major gateway to international and domestic maritime commerce. The Port has excellent railroad and highway network connectivity via three North American Class-1 railroads and two major interstate highways. With an outstanding staff overseen by its seven-member commission, Port Corpus Christi is “Moving America’s Energy.” www.portofcc.com


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Click for pdf of PCCA News Release – Port Condition 5 – Beta 09_22_2020