Port Executives Host Permian Energy Insiders

Sep 27, 2017


Port Corpus Christi hosted an Energy Exchange event in Midland, Texas. Pictured: Congressman Farenthold addresses attendees.

Port Corpus Christi executive staff and commission members spent a day in Midland as part of the Energy Exchange.  While there port representatives presented the bustling port which is in the midst of a 10 year $1 billion capital expenditure program, and at the center of a burgeoning regional economy getting a boost from over $50 billion in industrial investment.

The Energy Exchange provided an opportunity to speak in person with current customers of the port in the producer and midstream businesses with operations in the Permian Basin as well as community members, and potential future business partners.

Congressman Blake Farenthold participated in the event as a key speaker, and Occidental Petroleum presented on its current projects at Port Corpus Christi.

The Permian Basin holds the United States largest oil reserves, and has been a source of energy since the 1920’s.  U.S. output is ramping up with an expected 6.08 million barrels per day output for the nation in October.  2.64 million of those barrels will come from the Permian Basin.

The most efficient route to take Permian crude to the international market runs through Port Corpus Christi.

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