Port Corpus Christi’s Position as Energy Hub

Jul 12, 2017


Port Corpus Christi Executive Director, John LaRue, recently visited the offices of the Maritime Logistics Professional in New York City.   While there Mr. LaRue used the opportunity to discuss Port Corpus Christi’s position as an energy hub.

The region of South Texas surrounding Port Corpus Christi is a prime example of flourishing investments during a time of lower energy prices.

Highlighting significant investment from international industry, and the port’s role as the United States’ number one crude oil export port, the Maritime Logistics Professional, digs deeper into Port Corpus Christi’s role as the energy port of the Americas.

Mr. LaRue’s interview cites certain advantages such as the port remaining in Air Attainment, lack of vessel congestion, superior rail service, proximity to Mexico, overall stability, and access to cheap energy.

See more from The Maritime Professional; “The Port of Corpus Christi: Energy Port of the Americas.”

Port Corpus Christi - Corpus Christi Ship Channel

The Port of Corpus Christi: Energy Port of the Americas