Port Corpus Christi Chairman Pens Op-Ed for The Hill Calling For Investment in Energy Ports in FY19 Budget

Feb 06, 2018


The Port of Corpus Christi Chairman Charles W. Zahn wrote an op-ed published in The Hill today calling for investment into the nation’s energy ports ahead of the expected release of the President’s fiscal year 2019 budget.

“As President Trump recently stated in his State of Union address, the emergence of our nation as a dominant force in the global energy market is a net benefit for our economy, national security and trade deficit,” wrote Zahn.

“America is fast becoming a dominant force in the global energy markets. This dominance is propelled by significant increases in energy production as American companies continue to drive inefficiencies out of onshore production fields. But moving America’s energy to the demand markets is going to require more investment in infrastructure, namely pipelines and ports. Corpus Christi epitomizes this challenge.”

You can read the full article in The Hill here.