Corpus Christi at the Heart of U.S. Oil Sales

Jun 28, 2017


“Corpus Christi was the No. 1 port for U.S. crude exports last year, and this trend is continuing,” said Port Corpus Christi Executive Director, John LaRue in a recent interview with Bloomberg.

United States oil production has reached new highs in recent years due to increased efficiencies in drilling, and discovery of massive deposits such as the West Texas/Southern New Mexico Permian Basin, and the Eagle Ford Shale.

The United States is currently exporting more oil than OPEC members such as Qatar, Libya, Ecuador, and Gabon.  Texas, and more specifically, Corpus Christi is leading the way.

Data shows that nearly 30 percent of U.S. total exports left Corpus Christi in quarter one of 2017.  Daily export capacity is still on the rise.

VLCC Anne - Corpus Christi/La Quinta Ship Channels

The VLCC Euronav Anne approaches the Oxy Ingleside Energy Terminal after making the turn from the Corpus Christi Ship Channel to La Quinta Ship Channel.

With the upcoming Corpus Christi Ship Channel deepening and widening project, the recent successful test of the Very Large Crude Carrier (VLCC) Anne at the Oxy Ingleside Energy Center at Port Corpus Christi, and a number of proposed pipelines slated to connect the Permian Basin to Corpus Christi, the region is with good reason at the heart of U.S. oil sales.

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