Barge Carrying Crane Contacts AEP Transmission Lines in the Inner Harbor

Mar 04, 2016


Corpus Christi, TX, USA – At 7:49 AM, Friday, March 4, 2016, a barge carrying a crane on the Corpus Christi Ship Channel in the Inner Harbor came into contact with an AEP 69 Kv and 138 Kv transmission line. The line subsequently burned down. No injuries were reported in the incident.

Traffic is delayed at this time. The transmission lines are located on the Corpus Christi Ship Channel in the Inner Harbor at Port Corpus Christi between the Corpus Christi and Avery Point Turning Basins.

Port Corpus Christi and AEP Texas representatives are coordinating power line reconstruction efforts to ensure minimal disruptions in port activities.

“This process will take several days and must be accomplished in a safe and orderly fashion,” said Andy Heines, AEP Texas director of Corporate Communications. “Our first priority is to remove the transmission line from the water and test the integrity of our transmission towers. Once this is done, we will replace the line sometime early next week.”

Currently, there are no outages associated with transmission line accident since there is another electrical feed into the port.

For more information, Contact:

Rosie Collin
Interim Director of Communications/
Director of Community Relations
Dir. Line: 361-885-6115

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